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We started as a bookshop in January, 1976 in Denver, Colorado by buying out famed Stage House II, Boulder's best bookshop, and moving the stock to Denver, where we occupied 180 square feet of the Nepenthes Cafe', on Market Street. Realizing we could not get 10,000 books into that space we relocated to Court place, above a bowling alley.

The building was purchased by the Hare Krishnas, intent on expanding their business empire. We were summarily ordered to move out, which we did in 1981 into our own quarters at 3827 West 32nd Avenue, behind a fine old Victorian mansion. Here we grew to about 40,000 volumes aided by Ms. Kennedy, Bruce Albright and others. But, by 1994 we had outgrown our space, and thus moved to 32 South Broadway, where we quickly  grew to over 80,000 volumes. Space is a vacuum...

During the period 1994-1999, we were blessed with the able management of John Snurka, and the skillful sales ability of  Caren Eno and Ken Chapin. These were the golden years of Booksearch before the Internet obliterated that part of the business. Thanks to John, we were on the leading edge, and listed our stock on Bookquest, the first online database. After that, we joined ABEbooks, Biblio, and rather reluctantly, Amazon. ABE and Biblio continue to shine as the best sites for finding good books.

In 2001, we opted for a change and moved lock, stock and volume to Rockport, Texas, a pleasant village on the Gulf Coast. People come from all over to vacation, and we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of business that came in the door. But Texas had a dark side -Inventory taxes. In 2004 we were notified of their intention to tax out-of-print books as inventory. Now a book dealer may keep stock for years, and paying inventory tax year after year on the same item will kill you.  Also, their real estate taxes are astronomical. There was no interest on the part of Texas politicians to correct this error so we moved back to Denver.  Lock, Stock and 80,000+ volumes. I am getting very good at moving large amounts of books, so if any of you need guidance on this issue.....

We were comfortably established in a business condo about 150 yards from I-70 and Quebec.  We stayed for about 7 years, and in March, 2011 we then decided to move all the books into the enormous basement of our new home. What a task!  We had continued to grow and now estimate our stock at circa 100,000 volumes. Most subjects are represented, from just used to Rare. You can see the stock by appointment or request a list by email - Call me at 303 733-5700 or email at orders@abrabks.com. (Best to email!) Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Now the time has come to downsize. We are going to be selling off about 50,000 of our books. If you are interested in acquring stock, or a focused collection, please contact me at orders@abrabks.com. We can send detailed lists by email of any subject, or the whole thing. We can arrange packing and shipping - we have a lot of experience with that!

Our books can be viewed online by clicking on:

Then enter Author, title or subject. Contact me if you have any questions at orders@abrabks.com